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PRE-ORDER Pitanui Mode Kigurumi Rabbit

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Product description

- Introducing a series of clothes where you can enjoy cuteness that is different from your usual outfit.

- [Kigurumi Rabbit] is newly added to the lineup!

- A cute fluffy costume that covers your whole body.
- Let your favorite girl wear it♪

- Do you like pink? blue?

- Let him change clothes every day according to his mood.

- You can wear it as it is, add your own arrangement, decorate it cutely, and make your Pitanui life even brighter. *: ゜☆

[What is Pitanui?]
- A stuffed toy mascot that snuggles up tightly with a pinch.
- When you pinch his back, his arms open and he can hug all kinds of things!
- If you change the direction of your face, you can stick it anywhere ♪
- Spend a wonderful time with cute [Pitanui]☆

*Sold individually 
*Pitanui is not included in the product.
*Some Pitanui characters cannot be worn.

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PRE-ORDER Pitanui Mode Kigurumi Rabbit