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    Kerounen Kenzou (Orange) "Kerounen", Sentinel

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    These unique and colorful Kerounen Sofubi figures are a collaboration between Kow Yokoyama—famous for Maschinen Krieger—and Noriya Takeyama who is well known for soft vinyl figures. Collect all four frog-bots for the ultimate display. Each figure comes packed with a tiny pilot.

    Don't miss out on this collaboration of Kow Yokoyama who is famous for Maschinen Krieger and Noriya・Takeyama who is well known for soft vinyl figures such as "KOIJURASS". This new format character is made into a "sofubi" toy is the second release of Kerounen.

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    Vinyl Collectible
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    Kerounen Kenzou (Orange) "Kerounen", Sentinel

    $50.00 USD