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    Jurassic Park Clever Girl Deluxe Art Scale 1/10

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    Robert Muldoon is the great hunter in the film "Jurassic Park", where he is responsible for the security of the complex on Nublar Island. From the beginning, Muldoon expressed great concern regarding the Velociraptors, especially after one of his workers was killed by one during the transfer of cages. Although John Hammond finds him a little alarmist, Muldoon knows the Velociraptors better than anyone, and promptly describes to Dr. Alan Grant the intelligent and cruel behavior of these creatures.

    During the incident when the park on Nublar Island was without electricity, Muldoon and Dr. Ellie Sattler rescue an injured Ian Malcolm after a T-Rex attack. Then, gathered in the control room, they decide to turn off the main switch in the energy deposit, to restart all systems, and try to regain control of the park. The hunter soon realizes that he has become the hunted, and orders Ellie to run to the warehouse while he stands to protect her. When he finds one of the raptors, determined to eliminate them all, he fixes his sights on the animal when suddenly another one emerges from the bushes beside him. Shocked and horrified, but also impressed by this element of surprise, the great hunter Muldoon's last words are "Clever girl ..." seconds before the ferocious female Velociraptor leaps on him.

    One of the most impressive sequences in the film is now beautifully represented in the Clever Girl statue by Iron Studios. Emulating the skilled hunter's fall into the clutches of the fierce predator, they stand on a base of wild terrain with the classic franchise logo on the front.

    Product Features
    9.9 H x 10.2 W x 6.7 D inches (25.14cm x 25.9cm x 17cm)
    1/10 Scale
    Made of polystone
    Hand Painted
    Limited Edition
    Based on original movie references
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    Jurassic Park Clever Girl Deluxe Art Scale 1/10

    $280.00 USD