Furyu 5.5" Sword Art Online: Alicization: Yui Noodle Stopper Figure

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You know all of those times when you are making instant noodles and the paper lid curls up? You put your chopsticks, or a fork on top of the lid trying to hold it down. Do you recall the frustration, the agony and humiliation of having to use ordinary kitchen utensils to keep the lid down while your noodles cook? You felt so unfashionable. You felt so...plebian. Well that has all changed with this "Noodle Stopper" PVC figure from FuRyu Japan! FuRyu has developed PVC figures at the right weight and size to perfectly hold down your instant noodle cup lid with Otaku style! That's correct, these figures have been SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED to hold down that paper lid. This is Japanese ingenuity at its finest! Now, when you are making instant noodles and you whip out your fashionable Noodle Stopper figure to hold the paper lid down...those looks from your co-workers and friends won't be looks of pity or disgust! They'll be looks of admiration and jealousy...really! Or at least you can keep telling yourself that.