Danielle Nicole Stitch Pineapple Flap Backpack

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Stay for the Pineapples

Galactic authorities were on hot pursuit! Stitch crashed on Earth looking for a hiding spot. He wasn't looking for anything else, but he certainly found a lot more than he bargained for there. He became a part of the Pelekai family. He learned to love Elvis, and he got introduced to some very tasty human foods, like fresh, juicy pineapples! When all was said and done,the little guy decided to stick around... and we're betting pineapples definitely played a small role in his decision!

Well, Danielle Nicole has combined the tropical fruit with your favorite character from Disney's Lilo & Stitch into a delightfully delicious bag.

Fun Details

This Stitch Pineapple Backpack is a unique design from Danielle Nicole and is made out of a polyurethane, faux leather material. It's shaped like Stitch and he has a small piece of pineapple covering his eye. The interior is made out of a polyester fabric and the hardware is all gold with a magnetic snap closure. The bag features an adjustable strap, making it comfortable to carry. It even various interior pockets, so you can place all of your essentials inside! It's an amazing bag for anyone who loves Lilo & Stitch!