Batman - 1966 TV Series Batcave Desktop Sculpture

Batman - 1966 TV Series Batcave Desktop Sculpture

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TO THE BATCAVE! Those three words evoke one of the most memorable interior locations in pop culture. Batman’s sanctuary, his base of operations, the nerve center of his activities-a mysterious subterranean lair that is equal-parts forbidding and exciting.

The Batcave has enjoyed many iterations over the years, both in print and on screen. One of the most enduring and iconic was the version that featured in the classic 1966 Batman TV series.

Because of the many variations in the Batcave seen on screen, this model does not attempt to duplicate a particular arrangement from a given episode or a specific scene. Rather it replicates the “feel” of the Batcave set as it is most commonly seen. The inclusion of movable elements allows you to customize the look of the cave around a core group of fixed parts, including the prominent ’atomic pile,’ which are presented in their most common positions.

The classic Batman TV series Batcave was a riot of color, with a uniquely 1960’s atheistic. Each model contains more than 16 different LED lights, in a variety of hues, both fixed and animated, that bring the Batcave to life.

Product Features
18 x 14 x 9 inches (45cm x 35cm x 22cm)
Hidden floor lights to emulate the large floodlights with colored gels that were used on set
A pulsating color change effect inside the Atomic Core
Flashing lights in select monitors and screens
A turntable that can be manually rotated
Selected movable furniture
A faux rock door panel in the entrance tunnel
Each piece is individually hand-numbered
Powered by 4 AA batteries and lights are independently controlled by two separate circuits with on/off switches
Batmobile not included