1/144 Scale Plastic Model Kit X-O2S (Osea)

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This is an injection-plastic kit of a science-fiction/anime item.

From Kotobukiya:

This kit perfectly captures the details of X-02S in the game, and is a snap-fit kit that doesn't require glue to assemble. This all-new kit now comes in a pre-painted Osea camouflage color for fans to enjoy.

This kit has a unique variable-sweep wing which can be reassembled to customize the unit. By using alternative parts, you can change its landing gear and weapon bay to open/close state, and MSL and EML can also be equipped.

The included flying base and mini flying base also comes with an attachment part that can be turned 90 degrees left or right and is compatible rolling.

With its 1/144 scale size, you can display this unit with other previously released models to reenact a team deathmatch as can be experienced in multiplayer mode.

A total of 6 parts, wings and body (including the nose), of this model has been pre-painted with Skin #01 camouflage color.

By using the included decals, users can recreate Skin #04 (Mage 2), #5 (Spare 15), #6 (Strider 1) as well as reenact various trigger units.

Separately sold X-02S comes with 14 pre-painted parts to recreate Skin #03 and #07 from the game or in an all-gray color to give modelers the freedom to paint to their liking.